Hello World

Hello World

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This is an intro article, where I describe what I'm up to and who am I?


I like to share my software development journey with all the developers in the web, that's why I started to write about my Software Development journey and knowledge.

This blog is a space for developers of all levels to learn, share knowledge, and grow. Join the conversation, tackle challenges, and unlock your coding potential with insights on JavaScript, PHP, React, Laravel, and more.

Who am I?

Okay myself, Mohammad Saiful Alam Rakib, a passionate Software Engineer from Dhaka, Bangladesh. I have more than 5 years of experience with Software Development.

Specially my expertise on JavaScript & PHP with Laravel, React, NextJS framework.

Also I have a knowledge about DevOps and others tools and technology.


  • Why I use MSAR as my domain?

    As I said my name, I pick the first all letter from my name and make a unique identity.

  • What kind of service I provide?

    I provide custom software development service as your requirement, I can build web apps, admin apps, custom website etc.