Editor + Terminal

  • Visual Studio Code is my editor by choice for working with JS. I’m also use Sublime Text for my PHP/Laravel development.
  • I use Dunk Mono & Fira Code for a font in my code editor.
  • I use VS Code integrated terminal on VS Code. Alternatively, I use iTerm2 (+Zsh) 🖥
  • I keep VS Code & Sublime Text configurations up-to-date across all my computers with Settings Sync extension & one drive.

Desktop and Mobile Apps

  • My primary browser is Google Chrome. Sometimes I switch between Opera Browser and Firefox
  • Chrome, Calendar, iTerm2, Sublime Text, Notes, VS Code are in Dock
  • Every day used Apps on my phone are What’s App, LinkedIn, Google Authenticator, Gmail, Youtube, Twitter, Facebook and etc.
  • Primarily I use WhatsApp for personal communication and MS Team for work
  • I keep track all of my expenses at Money Manager
  • The phone & laptop consumes a big chunk of my time. 😆

Desk Setup

  • I write code on my Macbook Pro 2015 15"
  • A one-liter water bottle and a Orange Jasmine Bonsai on my desk
  • And as always some books on my desk.

Languages I speak

  • Bangla
  • English
  • Hindi

Entertainment & Hobbies

  • Reading Books
  • Travelling
  • Watching Youtube
  • Play with Kids.